Step 2 - Track A Map

To setup your map, make sure you have a track code setup first. Please view Step 1.

1. Once you have your site setup, You'll need to click on "Add a map"

2.Select the type of mapping platform you are using. 


3. Copy the map snippet code in your HTML file. Note: you want to select the middle lines of code and DO NOT select top most and bottom most code.  

4.Paste the code snippet in your HTML file in after the library code but before the application code. 


You're done. Refresh your page and you should see a map in your tracking code section. 



Short Video Tutorial


NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for Maptiks to start tracking your web map. 

The following table shows our rules for file naming between different libraries. Plugins follow the template: maptiks-xxxxxx.min.js.

LibraryShort CodeFile
Leaflet leaflet //
Google Maps gmaps //
OpenLayers 3 ol3 //