How to group map urls

If you're running into an issue where you're seeing multiple URLs for the same map under a Trackcode, don't worry. You can group them together by adding grouping ID in your Javascript.

By default, Maptiks identifies a map by the path it is located on. However, when multiple paths point to the same map, your map data becomes fragmented.

Group URL's together with a Maptiks ID.

To fix this, you'll have to group the URLs together by adding a Maptiks ID. By adding the Maptiks ID, you're now tracking the map by Trackcode ID as well as by Maptiks ID, and all URLs of the map with the same Trackcode ID and Maptiks ID will group together as one. 

To do this, you'll have add the Maptiks ID to your web maps Javascript file in the map constructor section.

Add the ID below

maptiks_id: 'TITLE OR NAME',

Paste it in your Javascript file within the Map Constructor code.


Example of Where to Paste in Google Maps


Example of Where to Paste in LeafletJS


Example of Where to Paste in Open layers