Enable ArcGIS Online


This process requires you to have administration rights on your Enterprise account.
Maptiks Enabled templates are not available for personal accounts.

PART I - Create a group to hold your templates

  1. This will be a group for ALL of your templates (including the Maptiks Enabled Templates)
    • Give it a Name, Summary and Description
    • Add a Tag: templates 
    • Make sure the Status is Organization 
    • Once you are happy with all the settings, click Save


PART II - Edit your Organization Settings

  1. Click My Organization, then EDIT SETTINGS
  2. Once in settings
    1. click the Map tab, then find the Configurable Apps section
    2. In the dropdown menu, select the new group you created in PART I)
    3. Make sure you select “Share the Esri default configurable apps…” checkbox

Then click Save



PART III - Add Maptiks Enabled templates to your new group

1. Find the Maptiks Enabled Templates group

    1. Search for “maptiks” in search bar (top right) and
    2. be sure to select “Search for Groups” filter (see screenshot below)

 2. Make sure you don’t restrict the search by

    1. de-selecting the checkbox (see screenshot below). Now you should be able to see our template group, Maptiks Enabled Templates
    2. Click the group name to view all the templates that are Maptiks Enabled

3. Find a template that you want and click details

4. Share the template with your new group

    1. Click the Share button (to the left) and
    2. Select your new “org templates” group
    3. then click Ok

5. Repeat for each template



Part IV - Getting a Maptiks tracking code

  1. Sign into Maptiks using your ESRI account (
    1. When you first login, you will be asked to create a track code.
  2. Click the Start button and one will be created for you.
    1. Enter a name for your tracking code
    2. Don’t worry about adding a domain for Maptiks Enabled templates, all templates are already white-listed.
    3. Click the arrow beside the track code name and the actual “code” will appear.



Part V - Create some Maptiks Enabled apps!

1.Go to My Content

    1. Click Create
    2. Select App
    3. Using a Template

2. Select one of the new Maptiks Enabled templates that you just added

    1. Click Create Web App and
    2. complete the form details on the next page

You will then be taken to the “configuration” page


3. When configuring your app, you will need a

    1. Track code (from PART IV)
    2. Map name (anything you want, but should be unique since you can have many maps with a single track code)